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The most exciting performance inflatable race board in the world, fast like a Sailfish. For the experienced and light rider only...
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       Raceboard sized at 12’6’’ or 14’  is obviously much longer than the all-round board, making it much
faster with way more glide.And with  its flatter bottom shape and wave piercing nose it does cut through
all water conditions with ease. But being generally much narrower (around 26’’-28’’) it’s less stable than
the all-round boards.  Purely built for  going  fast with as little effort as possible.

Model Length(ft) Width(in) Thickness(in) Volume Rider Weight
12'6" 12'6" 27" 6" 330L 120kgs/265lbs
14' 14' 28" 6" 360L 150kgs/330lbs

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